Cardboard Food Boxes

Looking to buy cardboard food boxes? You’re in the right place! Our wide range of cardboard food boxes is perfect for both cold and hot food servings. Our boxes ensure no leakage, adeptly retaining dressings, sauces, or grease. Explore our extensive variety to find boxes with different types of linings such as PE (recyclable) or PLA (compostable), ensuring your choice is eco-friendly and sustainable. We also offer unlined boxes, all available in diverse sizes and designs to cater to all our customers’ needs. Our commitment is to provide you with reliable, functional, and eco-conscious options for all your food packaging needs.

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Leak-proof coating

In our diverse range of cardboard packaging, we offer both PE and PLA leak-proof linings to ensure optimal protection of your food. These linings prevent any form of moisture from seeping through, protecting the integrity of the cardboard.

While both linings offer leak-proof benefits, it's essential to understand their difference:

PE Lining: This recyclable lining ensures robust protection for leaks and is suitable for a variety of hot foods. It's also microwave-safe, allowing your customers the convenience of reheating.

PLA Lining: Offering the same excellent leak-proof protection, this compostable lining is a fantastic choice for businesses seeking environmentally friendly packaging solutions.

NOTE: PLA is not suitable for microwave use or for food items exceeding 40°C.

Buckle Clip Feature

Our kraft deli food boxes come equipped with a buckle clip feature for fast and realiable closing, ensuring your food stays secure, whether for takeaway or delivery. 


For businesses where space is at a premium, like food trucks or compact kitchens, our cardboard boxes offer a game-changing advantage: they're designed to be effortlessly stackable. For additional convenience, our food boxes are packed into sleeves, with each sleeve holding 40 to 60 pieces, making storage and access straightforward and hassle-free.

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